Combatchy - A FESTA

Combatchy - A FESTA

🥊 Line Up 🎧 Dj Richard Bents Dj Diego Coelho Dj Wesley Paiva ( Convidado Especial ) 🥊 SHOW TIME RING 🎤 Anitta Cover Gloria Groover Cover Ludmilla Cover Am Joelma Cover and Explosão do Calypso 🥊 FREE ATÉ 00:00 APÓS 10 $ 1 HORA DE DRINK REALEZA OBRIGATÓRIO RG


Starts at

3:00 AM Feb 2nd 2020

Ends at

9:00 AM Feb 2nd 2020

SCRUFF members can see who’s attending, allowing you to connect with local guys before the event

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