A+ the Pan-Asian Drag Revue | Beckoning ...

A+ the Pan-Asian Drag Revue | Beckoning Aunties

A+ is a monthly revue featuring queer performers from across the Asian diaspora for a stunning display of Asian excellence that transcends exotica and orientalism. It seeks to explore the intersections of queer identity, performance art, and being Asian. This month, come celebrate the holidays with the Aunties of your chosen family! . HOST: Kiko Soirée/Jon CAST: Emi Grate, Jackie Cox, Pearl Harbor/Wo DOOR: Kryn STAGE KITTEN: Agent Wednesday . DJ Ten Yards Clothing


Starts at

1:00 AM Dec 22nd 2019

Ends at

3:30 AM Dec 23rd 2019

SCRUFF members can see who’s attending, allowing you to connect with local guys before the event

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