Blue x HEX

Blue x HEX

VIV BODACIOUS, producer of Kind of Blue Revue & KITTY KAPOWWW, producer of HEX present… Blue x HEX A Bay Area Legends Challenge Fundraiser Featuring some of the Bay Area’s finest performers: Alotta Boutté Barbie Bloodgloss Cheetah Biscotti Emjay Mercury Frankie Fictitious, Burlesque Hall of Fame Miss Exotic World 2019 Sydni Deveraux, Burlesque Hall of Fame award winner Kind of Blue Revue’s Blue Babes


Starts at

1:00 AM May 28th 2023

Ends at

4:00 AM May 28th 2023

SCRUFF members can see who’s attending, allowing you to connect with local guys before the event

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