GOING ZODIAC: Battle of The Signs [Sunda...

GOING ZODIAC: Battle of The Signs [Sunday 23rd February]

Going ✈️ Zodiac & Sunday Best Entertainment present an EXTRA SPECIAL MARDI GRAS edition of Sydney’s favourite Queer Astrology Party! You heard it right - Going ✈️ Zodiac is Going ✈️Imperial Hotel for a one (1) night only Zodiac Spectacular… To celebrate almost a year of Astrological Action, we’re setting out to answer the age old questions: Which star sign is the best? Which element is the most powerful?


Starts at

8:00 AM Feb 23rd 2020

Ends at

12:45 PM Feb 23rd 2020

SCRUFF members can see who’s attending, allowing you to connect with local guys before the event

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